Aos Vivos

“is the first. recorded in 94 and released a year later, in 95. eu nu . voice and guitar live in são paulo, with the participation of lenine, of the legendary guitarist lanny gordin. was born at a suggestion of sound engineer egídio conde, who co-produced and sold the fish with candles. if it wasn’t for ‘aos vivo’, it would perhaps be a cyberdisco that was being produced since 1993 by andré abujamra and never It was ready.”

what was said

“with the cd to the living, the singer and songwriter from Paraíba, chico césar, has the well-deserved opportunity to expand his cult audience… chico’s singing is in tune and pulsating. embarks on surprising combinations. contemporary diversity does not dispense with regional sounds. over the inventive rhythmic divisions of his guitar, neologisms, verses of Concretist inspiration crackle.” lauro lisbon garcia – afternoon newspaper (são paulo) – 09/05/95

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