Beleza Mano

“again, produced by mazzola and recorded by the band cuscuz clan. came to close the first cycle of records and reaffirm experiences from the time when I participated in the jaguaribe carne group, in joão person (pb), in the early 1980s. the presence of the black (alcântara and lokua kanza family), the northeast (dominguinhos and flávio josé), the contemporary (mestre ambrósio), the urban (arrigo barnabé) and the urban black ( thaíde and dj hum). it is the best care and the most complex, in my opinion. the longest, in everyone’s opinion. i made it to dialogue with my time. the interactive track and the photos by gal oppido suggest a new possibility, as language and support. after it, a break. reinvestigate and lay back on the hammock”.

what was said

“well, beauty bro, puts things in the right place. It’s a great album, one of the best of the year, even if the critics didn’t receive it without restrictions. could have expected: it is more sophisticated, less pop, more experimental, in music, words, arrangements. It is often dry, harsh; it advances towards an experimentalism supported by Northeastern drums and pulses, scrutinizing sounds”. mauro dias – the state of s. Paulo (São Paulo) – 08/12/97

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