Aos Vivos Agora – CD/DVD/VINIL

Chico César’s first CD, originally released 16 years ago, projected the artist far beyond Chico’s hometown, Catolé do Rocha, in Paraíba. The CD featured live recordings, by voice and guitar, for “Mama África” and “À Primeira Vista”, now classics in the composer’s repertoire. With artistic and musical direction by Chico César, “Aos Vivos Agora” is available on CD, DVD and a limited edition on vinyl.

1. Béradêro 2. Mama África 3. À Primeira Vista 4. Tambores 5. Alma Não Tem Cor 6. Dúvida Cruel 7. A Prosa Impúrpura Do Caicó 8. Sahariene 9. Benazir 10. Mulher Eu Sei 11. Clandestino 12. Templo 13. Paraíba

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