I now launch this “compact and simple”. is the number zero of a project that intends to change a little in one of the many possible ways of using an underused and already almost discarded support: the cd. “compact and simple” is hardly an invention: it is a late cousin of the vinyl-era compacts. a curiboca relative of the “single”, misunderstood by the industry in Brazil. a counterpart of the contemporary “smd” already victorious in the search for a favorable environment for the launch of new popular artists or established artists who see their audience as partners and not just consumers. good idea this “smd”, huh…

“compact and simple” drinks from this source. part of a basic idea: that it is possible to produce and make accessible a reduced number of songs at reasonable prices. and in this “old fashion” support: the cd. the intention is to show aspects of the work that do not fit in the so-called career records. single songs, remixes, re-readings, maybe a clip or a flash dvd with one or two tracks.

I preferred to start with “odeio rodeio” and “brega”, songs that dialogue directly with the imagination of the most popular Brazilian music: the music of the park, the bus station, the nightclubs on the street, karaoke, the ubiquitous music of auditorium programs , the music that can be heard both in the maid’s room and in the home theater where the wealthy family sees their idols. in the cottage and in the hut. in the big house and under the viaduct. in the country house and under the black tarpaulin of the roadside encampments. ie the “crossover”.

I chose these tracks for identification with this universe. and to interact with it. they are not songs of belligerence. “brega” is over fifteen years old. “I hate rodeo” has a couple. I had been playing this song all over Brazil and people were always asking about the record. “compact and simple” responds to this demand and proposes a light reflection on the enormous pressure of the media for the homogenization of taste and consumption of symbolic goods. “I am the cheesy fruit of the cheesy seed you planted,” says one. “I know it’s prejudice but nobody is perfect, let me vent”, says the other. In other words, I include myself in it. I’m talking about us. with humor, without rancor. but also without self-indulgence.

the aesthetic monoculture around themes linked to agribusiness copied from the American model has underestimated the creative strength of the interior of the country. chamamé, polka, toada, guarania, rasqueado, rastapé, cateretê, catira (and even rock, rap and electronic music from medium-sized cities) give way to monothematic pain-de-elbow songs with an alleged pop guise, impoverishing the repertoire of undeniably creative artists. artists that, in my own way, I revere and try to emulate in these two songs.

chico césar

ps: rita lee is with me on track 1. how adorable! with the animals and with us, humans… another ps: don’t look for a horn in a horse’s head because the winged unicorn is there to make us dream.


An Audiosfera production by Christiaan Oyens for Chita Discos
Executive Production: Audiosfera (Lucio F. Costa) and Chita Discos

Recorded in the studios:
Spelunca – by Christiaan Oyens
Fiber – by João Jacques. Assistant: Daniel Zannata

Mixed by Damien Falcounnier at Estúdio Fibra

Mastered in Classic Mater

Corny: Christiaan Oyens: guitars, drums, keyboards, bass and arrangement.

I hate rodeo:
Christiaan Oyens: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, lap steel and arrangement.
Dunga: bass
Sacha Amback: Keyboards, Programming and Arranging.
Rita Lee: vocals (recorded at the Ritz studio, by Cotô Guarino)

Rita Lee artist kindly provided by EMI

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