CusCuz Clã

“the possibility of popularizing songs that were previously restricted to the São Paulo underground circuit. disco and ‘owner’ of mza, the label) and the complicity of marcos mainard (then president of polygram, the label) were fundamental. new lanny and the participation of bakhiti kumalo, the african bassist. the choir of friends in ‘foli de prince’ points the way that would be traveled in the days to come. the success of ‘mama africa’ and ‘at first sight’ is associated to my name and I believe it translates the main aspects of the work.”

what was said

“…Chico César, from Paraíba, promotes a salad of styles in clan couscous. The result is a consistent mortar, where the poetry and rhythm components (in this order, inverse to that of rap) pitch the Paraibano to the first team of national authors, a fact already recognized by the fine nose of singers like Maria Bethânia, Zizi Possi, Daniela Mercury, Elba Ramalho…” tarik de souza – newspaper of brazil (rio de janeiro) – 05/30/96

tarik de souza – jornal do brasil (rio de janeiro) – 30/05/96

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