Marias do Brasil

The children’s musical “Marias do Brasil – A Nossa História Tranformada em Fábula” shows important parts of the history of Brazil. And, to accompany the story, a soundtrack with unpublished songs by Chico César and the body percussion of the Barbatuques group. In the play, the Portuguese prince João Grande is cursed by the villain Maria Fedida on the day of his birth. To save him, his three fairy godmothers, Maria Fumaça, Maria Mole and Maria Escandalosa, flee with him towards the Indies. But, as happened with Pedro Álvares Cabral, they end up arriving in Brazil. The fable also shows the Dia do Fico, the Abolição da Escravatura, among other important moments. The soundtrack, which won a Panamco award in 2000, helps to set the mood for each scenario and body percussion is used to give voice to the male characters, who communicate only through music.
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