O Agente Laranja E A Maçã do Amor

Being an inspector of something seems like a very severe, frowning profession, but Agent Laranja, imagined by Chico César, is a fruit inspector at a popular party. He rides between Ferris wheels, carousels and other toys. Everything is colors and lights and shapes and smells and flavors – and the words are treated as if their syllables were pieces of Lego, which it is possible to join, separate, mix with each other.

Festa das Neves, in Paraíba, is the place where the boy has fun and discovers, at each step, a different flavor, a color he had never seen before… It is the world of adults seen through the eyes of a child. In the partnership between the boy Chico César and the girl Fernanda Lerner, the toy machine party gives way to the real fruit party, and it is in the midst of them that “our hero” discovers the Apple of Love and everything it brings with it. .

Known in Brazil and around the world as a composer and singer of rare inventiveness, Chico César is also a poet (Cantáteis) and, as this book shows, a teller of imaginative and simple stories, where words are savored with the ear, the eyes and the mouth. O Agente Laranja e a Maçã do Amor leaves us with the joy of discovery and the hope that the poetic feast of the author’s imagination will not be limited to this tour.

Bráulio Tavares Writer and researcher of fantastic literature

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