Rio Sou Francisco

the liquid converter

By Beatriz Bajo*

rio sou francisco was the book that inspired the creation of Rubra Cartoneira Editorial, which established the phenomenon of “cartoneirismo” in the state of Paraná. cartonerism is a term arising from the initiative of some publishers to use cardboard to make book covers, born as a result of the 2002 Argentine crisis, which culminated in the creation of Eloisa Cartonera and other publishers, spreading throughout Latin America and reaching some European countries such as Spain and Germany. rio sou francisco, then, inaugurates the seal with other authors chosen by love.

after reading Cantáteis: cantos elegiacs de amozade, I was amazed by the poetic talent of Chico César. his first book deserves to be read and reread, given that the poet builds a rhapsody in string with enchanted verses  and  unfolded in beautiful images.
seven years later, his poems become ropes made with tendons ignited by the bow tensioned with each cessed arrow fired into the reader’s wide-open eyes. rich lyre that composes ties, wraps itself in knots, wakes up cities and rocks houses in the silent lap of each poem constellated in the “sky of solua”.

Chico produces a bold, vigorous poetry, in which the words dance in the devilish rhythm of his breath…but they know the moment to stagnate and remain in the enchanted bosom of expensive literature.

with the rare language of poetry, the author licks verses that water the flowery buds of the winged words, unbuttoning darkness…and, thus, we drink the fresh water of the river that is Chico.


By Marcelo Ariel**

Poetry and music intertwine and meet within the energy of silence, source and destiny of all the music in the world and the amplifying force of the senses of all poems. Chico and Francisco embrace each other within this energy, perhaps poetry is a way of converting the energy of memory, matrix of all dreams into music, a type of music that is a fusion of all the silences that cross our lives: the interior and the outside.

Chico and Francisco dialogue within this book with silence and silences, music and songs, dialogue and embrace each other as a river embraces the sea, the boy and every poet is in essence an old boy and the man, every musician is in the the inner destiny-becoming of the human factor.

Chico and Francisco are here forever united because poetry, by giving a greater meaning to silence and silences, to music and songs, is confused with life.

*Beatriz Bajo is a poet, general editor of Rubra Cartoneira Editorial, proofreader, translator, professor of Portuguese language and literature, specialist in Brazilian Literature (UERJ). Her books are the face of fire (SP, 2010),: the word is (PR, 2010) and Sundays in us (PR, 2012). She maintains the Linda Graal blog (

**Marcelo Ariel is a poet, editorial advisor at Rubra Cartoneira, playwright and performer. His books are Bury Me with My Ar-15 (Scherzo-Rajada) (SP, 2007); Tractate dos Anjos Afogados (SP, 2008), O Céu no Fundo do Mar (SP, 2009), Coltrane Blues (SP, 2010), Conversations with Emily Dickinson and Other Poems (RJ, 2010), A morte de Herberto Helder and others poems (SP, 2011), The second death of Herberto Helder (PR, 2011) and Cosmogramas (PR, 2012). He maintains the blog

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